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        3 different types of shutter door installation steps
        Source: | Author:pmt2e3dcd | Publish time: 2018-07-19 | 339 Views | Share:
        Shutter door, is multi - joint activities of the door piece of a piece of parallel splice, now many large shopping malls or facade are installed this kind of door, because not only contraction convenient, and save space, of course, the safety factor is also high. How can shutter door install? Install a step to introduce to everybody with respect to 3 kinds of different types shutter door below.

        1. Installation method of electric shutter door:

        First, draw a line on the position of the door frame to indicate the size. Note: the frame height is slightly higher than the door door height.

        Next, the door frame of electric shutter door is fixed, but the ground of both sides of aperture should remember to reserve groove.

        Next, install door fan of main body of electric shutter door. Installation, must ensure that the electric shutter door and wall into a whole, and closed to do a good job, and then the hole and wall painting, to ensure the beauty. After painting, try to open and close the door smoothly.

        2, fire shutter door installation method:

        A. according to the model of the door, measure the basic size of each part of the product, check whether the hole of the door conforms to the size of the shutter door, and whether the embedded position and quantity of the guide rail and bracket are correct. Then, measure the elevation of the hole, pop out two guide vertical line and reel center line.

        B. Electrically weld the backing plate to the embedded iron plate, fix the reel bracket with screws, and install the reel. The installation of the drum should be flexible.

        C. Install reducer, drive system and chang electric chain street system.

        D. Install the preassembled curtain board on the reel. Then install the guide rail, according to the position specified in the drawing, weld the guide rail on both sides and above to the embedded parts of the wall, and weld the body, each guide rail should be on the same vertical plane.

        E. Finally, install the water curtain sprinkler system and connect it with the general control system. Test run after installation, open and close the door with the motor for several times, adjust to no stuck, blocked and abnormal state.

        3, automatic door crystal shutter door installation method

        First, fix the motor on the motherboard, fix the chain on the wheel disc and connect it with the gear of the motor base, and test whether the handle is upside down. If it is upside down, there is a black button on the side of the remote control receiving box, and then push the other side to help.

        Second, use a ruler to measure the outside of the main board and sub-board to see if the size is correct, if the correct shaft on the side board, pay attention to a horizontal line; Drill another 50 centimeters with 10 drill bits, each one straight; Then, use 14 screw welding on the shaft, remember to be firmly welded; Then align the center of the first piece of curtain with the hole on the shaft and fix it with fast wire.

        Again, will roll the curtain of the door piece to wear, both sides are sealed with a head. After sealing, turn over the shaft with the rope to tie the curtain hole with the rope, and then the curtain up, avoid by all means must be firm.

        Finally, open one end of the track adult words, shutter door curtain can be leveled.