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        What's the reason why book door lift properly? May be there was a problem in these places
        Source: | Author:pmt2e3dcd | Publish time: 2018-07-20 | 475 Views | Share:
        Rapid rolling door is widely used in our everyday life, whether shop or store, the safety and convenience of fast shutter make it popular, however

        One of the cause of the problem, check the power supply situation door screens. Check whether the power and circuit short circuit or no electricity, if the power switch problem causes a shutter

        Shutter door failure reason two, check the motor, the motor is the main power of shutter door can rise and fall, we need to check whether the motor can operate normally, if the motor damage, then need to replace the motor, or find a professional maintenance master for maintenance.

        Shutter door failure reason three, check whether the shutter door connection part is damaged, check whether the circuit is normal, if the fast door connection place problems, can also lead to shutter door can not be normal lifting, there is a problem we only need to repair the connection place.

        Shutter four, observe the motor wire and the cause of the problem of limit line, if the motor line and limit signal lines is normal, this time still can't switch, this time we need to check the shutter control box line and button is normal, if there is a failure, replace the button or connect line is ok.