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        How to maintain the shutter door? These few methods you should learn!
        Source: | Author:pmt2e3dcd | Publish time: 2018-07-20 | 346 Views | Share:
        Shutter door is now more popular a kind of mechanical door, it can be convenient expansion and contraction, itself material is more secure, so in the garage, warehouse, store, application is more extensive, but how should this kind of shutter door maintenance? Today small make up with everyone to share, shutter door maintenance methods.

        The first, the rolling door for regular maintenance. Do regular check, we need to see if there are any more obstacles between the door and track, whether the door itself have crack, if there is a crack on the edge of the from door to door case, has the potential safety hazard, and whether shutter fluctuate of moving smoothly, whether there is any caton phenomenon, at the same time also need to look at, the power wires of the shutter for safety concerns.

        Second, on lubricating oil regularly, rolling door operator and the rotating shaft, rotation of friction for a long time, we need the parts of these activities often lubrication, namely on lubricating oil, which reduces friction parts, also help book door to use smooth, to a certain extent, also helps to reduce the loss of the moving parts and rust.

        Third, the doors in certain situations, don't try so hard to go to remove the check the reason, the first thing to observe whether book door fault is the external causes, such as power supply, excluding the external causes, is the problem that the internal parts, for sure, we need to find an experienced professional chefs for repair, or return an experienced guide, troubleshooting. Do not because of their own mistakes to roll the door to bring irreversible damage.

        Fourth, check the shutter switch parts of the power supply security, switch parts of the circuit problem is an important part of the whole book door work, if the switch power supply circuit, the activities of the shutter natural affected, if wrong, wanton open doors internal check the mechanical problems, not only the problem not solved, will really because of improper operation, new failure problems.