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             Taizhou Houle Industrial Co.,Ltd.is a Chinese supplier of roller shutter motor and its control system. The current products of our company include general roller shutter motor, fireproof roller shutter motor,DC roller shutter motor, central motor,remote controller, control unit for fire resistant shutter and automatic location limiter, etc.
             These products have passed the ISO 9001 International Quality System certification and got CE certification.The corporation has great reputation both at home and aboard for its high quality, reasonable price and sincere service. Products are sold far to overseas markets such as the United States,Europe, Southeast Asia and Middle east, etc.

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        0086-576-89205965 0086-576-82876810
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        No.188 Huaxi Road,Jinqing Town,Luqiao District, Taizhou City,Zhejiang Province,P.R.China
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